Skiing – ….in Israel????

My daughter Ceri and her husband Will came here for a few days and so we headed north – through the Jordan Valley to the heights of Hermon. There were rumours of snow, and as we drove the heavens opened and it poured with rain!!

We looked anxiously at the outside temperature and decided that it was likely to be falling as snow at least at the top. Sure enough as we arrived north of Galilee you could see snow on the slopes. Saturday dawned with the news from the web site that Hermon remained storm bound – but the prospect for Sunday was better, and so early on Sunday morning we set off and sure enough the slopes were open for Skiing for the first time this winter!

There  are subtle differences Skiing in Israel! In the Alps skiers divide almost equally men and women. On Hermon there must have been twenty men for every woman skiing.  Then there is the age thing. My grey hairs single me out – I must have been at least ten years the oldest on the slopes – in Europe I have quite a few folk of my age on the slopes with me!

And then there is the military – with the border of both Syria and Lebanon so close by there are military bases, soldiers and equipment around – even on the slopes themselves!

(Photo Will Hopkin)

It’s always good to have conversations with other Skiers – and I did so with quite a few people. They were largely summed up by the comment of one of the lift attendants – you come from England to ski on Hermon….why? Arn’t the Alps closer!

We had a great day skiing on Mount Hermon. Even though the clouds came across – we ended up sun burn on our faces! At the same time my aging knees were complaining of over work by the evening. – It’s a rough old deal being here in Israel Palestine!!!

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